The University City Summer Band is a production of the University City Music Company, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Donations may be tax deductible.

Monetary support comes from the generous donations of businesses and friends of the U City Summer Band like you!

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University City Summer Band
c/o Bette Welch, CPA
5344 N. Kenrick Parke Drive
St. Louis, MO 63119

Checks can be made out to University City Music Company.

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  1. list more than one name on the weekly program distributed at the concert (example: Mary Ash and Dave Carter);
  2. give a gift in honor or in memory of someone;
  3. designate your gift for the Eric Setzer and David Jones Memorial Fund.

To the University City Summer Band, Mr. Tom Poshak, Director

My compliments to the dedicated volunteer musicians and Director Tom Poshak who perform in the University City Summer Band. Little did I know what talent and enjoyment could be found in The Loop during the summer! The outside venue lends itself well by contributing to the community atmosphere. While performing outdoors, the band demonstrates a superb blending of rich tones and sounds.

What appeals to me is the wide variety of musical selections that can be enjoyed by the diverse audience. Mr. Poshak encourages audience participation through clapping along with the music and at times even singing along with the band and Mr. Chuck Lockyear, who also does an outstanding job of introduction each week. I especially enjoy the inclusion of children with their active participation directing the band during the finale. Who knows, perhaps some day they will be our next generation of musicians entertaining us!

Again, my compliments and my thanks to all of you who make Tuesday evenings in June and July a "toe tapping, hand clapping", musical evening of entertainment.
Please join us in thanking our patrons by supporting their businesses!

Additional support comes from:

The University City Summer Band is part of the U City A&L Commission.

The University City Summer Band gratefully acknowledges the support of the Missouri Arts Council and the Regional Arts Commission.

Missouri Arts CouncilRegional Arts Commision

Eric Setzer and David Jones Memorial Fund

Sue Ellen Jones
Nancy Setzer

Contributions by Year

Baton $500-$799

Bruce Arnold
Teresa Jay & Lawrence Barker (Barker Real Estate)
**Emily Collop
*Ron & Betsy Cytron
Mark Theil
*Bette & Valery Welch

Podium $250-$499

Joe & Martha Lou Haddon
Larry McMahon & Linda Anderson
Michael Kowalkowski
Nelda Lee
Edward & Joelyn Levy

Chair $100-$249

Mark Ashley
Kurt Bauche
Lewis Chase
Merrick Felder
Larry & Gay Goldenberg
**Dorthea Jones
William (Travis) Laws
Wanda Michels
Tom & Mary Poshak
Suzanne Schoomer
Rochard Sohn
*Gary & Melanie Tate
Cornelius Washington
Anne Winkler
Lenore & Howard Winkler
Cynthia Zirwes

Stand $50-$99

Allison Atchley
Lori Burkhardt
Hal & Marcia Goldsmith
James Shollenberger
David Wheelock
Ann Wilson

Kazoo up to $49

Miscellaneous audience members (cash from concerts)

*In Honor of Tom Poshak
**In Memory of Chuck Lockyear

Sue Ellen Jones
Nancy Setzer

A special thank you to the following donors who so thoughtfully made a contribution to honor the life of Chuck Lockyear and his connection to the UCSB.
Bob Baumann
Robert Brockhaus
Harold Brueseke
Lois Estes
Deborah Geibel
Robert Hoddiott
Dorothea Jones
Pam Kelly
Michael Kowalkowski
William (Travis) Laws
Harold Messler
Karen Nord
Marcia Ollinger
Diane Pfaus
Tom & Mary Poshak
Suzanne Schoomer
Anne Winkler
Elizabeth Youn