A brief history of the University City Summer Band

University City's community band concerts began in 1961 with performances held in Heman Park and Metcalfe Park on Monday nights in June and July, but the city's concert band disappeared from the scene after 1970. A new Monday night series, the Starlight Concert Series, started in 1971 and gained in popularity, offering appearances by the most popular combos of the day.

The band today...

The University City Summer Band was revived in 1997, under the direction of Dan Presgrave and was directed by Ken Thompson during the 2000-2002 seasons. The band was under the direction of Thomas Poshak 2003 to 2022. 

We are so excited to have a new direction in 2023 with new music director/conductor Danny Lewis! 

The band is financed through government grants, corporate and individual donations and program ads. Rehearsals are one day a week (Monday) and six Tuesday evening concerts are presented during June and July. These outdoor concerts where held in the Market at the Loop on Delmar in University City from 1997 to 2015.

The UCity Summer Band plays at Heman Park (Midland & Shaftesbury Entrance).

The Musicians...

Over 90 volunteer instrumentalists from all walks of life make up the complete roster of the UCity Summer Band with 60-70 performing at each concert. While primarily adults, some college age students and select high school students are included in the makeup of the band. Many of our members participate in other community bands and orchestras in the St. Louis region.

...the conductor...

Music Director Danny Lewis has spent the past eight years teaching at McCluer High School in the Ferguson Florissant School District and currently serves as the District Fine Arts Coordinator. Prior to that, he taught band at Mark Twain Jr/Sr High School for three years before returning to the St. Louis area. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Truman State University. When he isn't teaching or waving his arms in front of a band, or playing trumpet, Danny can be found building guitars and ukuleles in his basement. 

Past Directors

Ken Thompson: 2001-2002
Thomas Poshak: 2003-2022

Guest Soloists, Composors and Conductors

Bill Archer (Evelyn Archer), Composer
Bob Baumann, Clarinet
Dallas Blair, Composer
Derek Boemler, Vocalist
Gary Brandes, Conductor
Leon Burke, Conductor, Narrator
Lori Burkhardt-Lurk, Alto Saxophone
Sim Flora, Trombone
Gary Gackstatter, Composer, Conductor
Casey Geisz, Trumpet, Conductor
Kevin Gianino, Drum Set
Adrianne Honnold, Alto Saxophone
Matt Janssen, Conductor
Thomas and Tricia Jöstlein, French Horn
Jack Kissinger, Clarinet
Bert Langeler, Flugelhorn, Conductor
Carole Lemire, French Horn
Andre Maclin, Drum Set
Wayne Du Maine, Trumpet
Joe Pappas, Composer, Conductor
Seymour Pollack, Composer
Bob Settle, Conductor
Dale Skornia, Alto Saxophone, Conductor
Pam Smith-Kelly, Conductor
Claude T. Smith (Pam Smith), Composer
Robert Souza, Trumpet
Gay Spears, Composer
Jared Spears, Composer
Ron Stilwell, Conductor
Becky Swett, Clarinet
Drew Thompson, Bassoon
Lorenzo Trujillo, Trumpet
Roger Warner, Conductor
Bette Welch, Conductor
James Wehrman, Conductor

Touring Concerts

75th Anniversary of the City of Pasadena Hills, MO - 2003
"Arch Tunes"- 2010
Missouri Bandmasters Association Summer Convention - 2012


Delmar Garden March Arranged by Joe Pappas - 2008